Brytest Hytes is a black woman owned and centric wellness lifestyle platform for those afflicted with autoimmune disorders. It was created to empower women of color with knowledge to improve their health, mental and emotional well being, and achieve their goals in an uplifting and positive manner. Often times when it comes to health and fitness, the focus tends to be on achieving a particular look. Brytest Hytes is all about encouraging us to focus on what feels good to our bodies, and allows us to ascend and evolve on our life’s journeys. The content here covers a wide range of topics such as nutrition and diet, fitness, pain management strategies, mindfulness and meditation, carving out joy, and more!


Bri [pronounced br /aɪ/] Bryant is a thirty something black woman diagnosed with UC back in 2008. She has been managing her chronic illness for over a decade, and her firsthand experience has led her to develop a framework for living a meaningful, joy-filled life with her autoimmune disorder. Her friends have consistently asked her for advice as it pertains to nutrition and health as they watched her battle flare-ups and make it out on the other side to experience long stretches of remission. During the pandemic of 2020, as health became more of an immediate concern for everyone, she decided to use her experience and knowledge to help others maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle.