The UC Warrior’s Playbook for Survival

Have you ever felt like your autoimmune disorder was conspiring against you, robbing you of your ambitions and joy? Have you ever felt over burdened and exhausted from managing your life alongside a chronic illness? If you answered yes, I understand your struggle and that is exactly why I created this course. The UC Warrior’s Playbook for Survival was created for people just like you and me to learn:

How to Manage Your UC Symptoms, minimize flare-ups, and craft the life you want!

You’ll Learn How To:

  • CHOOSE your all star medical team!
    Managing an autoimmune disorder is a multidisciplinary feat that requires expertise from many specialists. You’ll learn how to select the correct line-up that meets your needs!

  • DESIGN the right diet for your body!
    Diet and nutrition are essential to maintaining a healthy gut, which is necessary for managing a gastrointestinal disease like UC and other autoimmune disorders. You’ll learn the facts about popular diets, nutrition, and how to choose a diet that meets your nutritional needs and your lifestyle.

  • MANAGE and reduce flare-ups!
    UC symptoms can be tough to manage; this course provides tools to manage flare ups, reduce symptoms, shoulder the emotional weight of a flare up, and get on the path to remission.

  • CRAFT a more joyous, productive life!
    Energy reserves are often low even when in remission. You’ll learn how to better manage your time and energy to make room for the things and people most important to you!